How Could Casinos Be Friendlier to The Environment?

It’s no secret that running a casino business at present is very expensive. You might be wondering why they’re even still running when the online casino industry is booming. Land-based casinos have many costs, such as water, electricity, food, interior design and employees salary. Therefore, many casinos have not managed to stay afloat with the high upkeep costs. Consequently, many of them have shut down in the past few years. And the ones that have managed to survive are now planning to go green to cut down on operational costs. 

Using sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is being used by casinos to reduce their operational costs so here are two powerful methods of harnessing renewable energy that is being used by some of the casinos:

1. Solar energy:

Casinos can generate nearly 5-10% of the electricity of their establishments with the use of solar panels. They are generally installed on the rooftop to harness the maximum amount of energy from the sun. Solar energy is the most popular form of renewable energy today.

2. Anaerobic digestion:

This is a technique of generating an energy source from biodegradable materials. An enormous amount of food is wasted in a single casino every year. In anaerobic digestion, wasted food is transformed into fuel by natural processes. About 850,000 kWh of power is generated by Suffolks Downs, one of the world’s green casinos, using this method.

Some major casinos using sustainable energy

It is a known fact that most of the casinos across the world need a lot of power supply. This is required for their lights, air-conditioning, games, and functioning of various electrical equipment. In order to reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs, many of them are looking for alternative energy sources. 

Here are two of the major casinos that are using sustainable energy to a great extent:

1. MGM Resorts:

MGM is one of the biggest names in the world of casinos. They have the biggest solar energy instalment at their Mandalay Bay resort. It provides 20% of the resort’s power. MGM also use LED lighting in their gaming rooms and accommodations to reduce carbon emissions.

2. Rincon Casino:

Located in San Diego, this casino offers different kinds of games for gamblers. They’ve shown their commitment towards a sustainable future by using solar energy for their casino’s air-conditioning. Rincon also uses solar heating in the swimming pool of their premises.

Going online

The best way for casinos to eliminate carbon emissions is by going online. This can reduce their costs significantly. It would also give gamblers the convenience of playing their favorite games without traveling to the casino establishments. There are many online casinos functioning today across the world. 

They offer the chance for avid gamblers to place their bets and win, no matter where they are. Such casinos also have plenty of free bonuses in store for the players. However, it is essential that they know which of them are safe and reliable. They can know this through online casino review sites like Casinos Jungle.

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