Top 5 Organizations That Strived for a Nuclear-free World

There are very few countries that possess nuclear weapons at present. But regardless, we are still under huge threat from the nuclear weapons that do exist. If any of these weapons are used intentionally, or accidentally, we will have an extremely big problem on our hands (to say the least). These weapons are deadly and will cause unimaginable and disastrous consequences. The scary fact is that the entire human civilization as we know could be ended due to nuclear weapons. It’s unimaginable why they’d even exist, right? Therefore, many anti-nuclear movements have started in different parts of the world. The organizations involved in these movements have carried on their protests for a variety of causes. Many focus on spreading peace and environmental consciousness. And there are a few others that are committed to social activism and ending conflicts.

So, here are five major organizations that strived to create a nuclear-free world:

1. International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War 

The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) was founded in 1980. It comprises medical students, doctors, health workers, and other concerned people from the Soviet Union and the United States. 

They are committed to preventing nuclear war between the two countries. And were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! It’s true that all the members of this organization work for a common goal. Which is to create a world free from the threat of nuclear destruction.

2. Clamshell Alliance

Clamshell Alliance is an anti-nuclear organization that is co-founded by many activists in 1976. Such as Harvey Wasserman and Paul Gunter! The group carry out non-violent demonstrations against nuclear power in New England during the1970s- 1980s. The excellence of Clamshell Alliance’s planning and leadership is extremely well-known globally.

The discipline and spirit that the activists of this group display are without a doubt commendable. Without this, Clamshell Alliance wouldn’t be where they are today. The organization has become an inspiration for many communities in opposition to nuclear power plants too.

3. Greenpeace

Greenpeace is founded by Dorothy Stowe and Irving Stowe. They are known for their direct action and raising awareness on not only environmental issues by nuclear weapon issues too. Also, the organization takes direct actions against issues like climate change, commercial whaling, and deforestation. 

They strongly oppose the generation of nuclear energy. They advocate that nuclear power is dangerous, expensive, non-renewable and pollutes the environment. It uses the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters as examples for explaining the risks associated with nuclear power.

4. Shad Alliance

Shad Alliance is an influential group known for its anti-nuclear views in the 1970s and 1980s. They were born out of the Clamshell Alliance, which started the ‘alliance movement’ in New Hampshire. The activists from Long Island and the Hudson River area joined this group. Their goal is to target the nuclear power plants in Indian Point and Shoreham. 

A large demonstration was organized by this group at Shoreham. With over 18,000 marchings to the Shoreham nuclear plant. About 500 of them occupied the plant and 571 arrests were made by the police. Although the power plant was completed, it had to close down in 198. And did so without generating electricity for commercial purposes.

5. Critical Mass Energy Project

The Critical Mass Energy Project is formed by Ralph Nader. They were believed to be the largest anti-nuclear group in America! And had more than a hundred local affiliates with over 200,000 supporters. They give most of their efforts towards providing local groups with resources. These resources are so that they can campaign agaisn’t nuclear energy.

The first anti-nuclear conference that Ralph Nader sponsored is called ‘Critical Mass 74’, which was held in Washington DC! And several workshops held throughout the U.S about nuclear power. So, many groups wanted to form anti-nuclear organizations.

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