Waste generated overseas from australia’s uranium exports

Australia’s annual uranium exports averaged 8100 tonnes from 2000−2009 (WNA, 2010). When processed in nuclear plants overseas, 8100 tonnes of uranium gives rise to:
* 1134 tonnes of enriched uranium
* 7000 tonnes of depleted uranium waste
* 1134 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel containing 8.9 tonnes of plutonium

The Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office provides the following information on ‘Australian Obligated Nuclear Materials’ (arising from Australia’s uranium exports) held overseas as at 31 December 2008 (ASNO, 2008-09):
* depleted uranium − 93,618 tonnes − held in the EU, Japan, South Korea, US.
* plutonium − 121.4 tonnes − held in Canada, EU, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, US.