Hiroshima Day Events – 2011

Brisbane – Byron – Melbourne – Perth – Sydney – Wollongong



Opposite Treasury Casino


3 NUCLEAR DISASTERS – out there are uncounted hundreds of other nuclear incidents/accidents graded (1) to (7) each will leave a legacy, toxic to humans, animals and every other thing

That’s 3 too many: we must KEEP AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FREE

Rally Program
Welcome to country
Combined Unions Choir
Dermot Dorgan – Satirical Singer, Songwriter: “They said it couldn’t happen”
Dr Sue Wareham :Immediate Past President of the Medical Assoc for Prevention of War – is on the Management Cttee in Australia for ICAN the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons:
“The Fukushima disaster reinforces some of the perils of nuclear power. The magnitude of the damage has been covered up and public health jeopardized for the sake of the nuclear industry.”

Dr Marianne Hanson teaches International Politics at University of Queensland and is a specialist in International Security and the project to eliminate nuclear weapons:
“The recent accident at Fukushima demonstrates the dangers inherent in nuclear power, but also the limited abilities of humans to ensure safety and security where nuclear power and nuclear weapons are concerned.”

Robin Taubenfeld : Nuclear Free Queensland. Peace Convergence :
“As a key ally to the US, Australia plays the role as the face of US-dominated politics in the southern Pacific region. The presence of US troops, US bases and training in Australia serves as physical representation of the US nuclear umbrella in the region. ”

Contact jshears28@yahoo.com.au
Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Inc ph 3855 9497



People’s Action for a Safe Planet

Sat 6th Aug
Byron Bay, Australia

Sat 6th Aug is Hiroshima Day and this year will see a people’s action in Byron Bay – Australia’s most easterly point – to protest against the nuclear industry: from uranium mining, to radioactive nuclear power stations, to deadly nuclear weapons, to the problem of storing nuclear waste for thousands of years.

Come and show your support for the the people of Fukushima, Japan, who are right now being fried by high levels of radioactive fallout (their uranium came from Australia). And the Mirrar people of Kakadu, who have expressed their opposition to the mining of uranium on their land. And the Muckaty people of NT who do not want their land converted into a radioactive waste dump. And the people of Chernobyl in the Ukraine who are still recovering from that disaster 25 years later. And in memory of the horror that was Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

People everywhere are encouraged to mark Hiroshima-to-Fukushima Day in their own communities in their own unique way. Even a minute’s silence at 12 noon will create a powerful energy wave to convert nuclear power by way of people power into earth repair.

Be a part of a global movement against the deadly nuclear cycle. And support a sustainable, safe planet. Stand up and be counted, for our children and future generations!

Railway Park, Byron Bay, Australia
10 am start
12 noon global link up
Speakers, incl Mayors for Peace
Chai Tent
Kid’s Tent
Japanese Market

Acts confirmed thus far:
Hip Hop Prophetesses, Nakula, Brazilian Capoeira, Mookx, Paul Joseph, Laura Targett, Matt Connolly, Murray Kyle, Scurvy Dogs, Barefoot Gypsies, Big Drum Up, DJs Dakini Becca & Ray Castle, RadActive Fireshow…+ Passion Flamenca, Greg Sheehan, Cape Byron Steiner School Songwriters featuring Elle Shimada, Chiki Babes on Skates

Majik Hat donation: All proceeds to Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation (http://kofdomofukushima.at.webry.info/) and Byron Environment Centre.

Hiroshima-to-Fukushima Day! Stop the Nuclear Cycle! Say ‘No’ to Uranium mining! Leave it in the ground!

Supported by: Byron Neighbourhood Resource Centre & iQ Inc



presented by Japanese for Peace
Join the call for world peace and sustainability
@ State Library, Village Roadshow Theatrette
Tickets at door: $15/$10 conc.
Lily and King, Folk/Jazz/Roots
King Kadu and the Sunshine Sisters, Aboriginal Music
Tom Bolton Band, Acoustic Folk
Fuefukuro, Japanese Drums & Bamboo Flute
— Felicity Hill, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
— Phillip White, Formerly of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, Japan
Proceeds from the concert will go towards the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.
We hope you can join us!

Japanese for Peace was formed in 2005 by people of Japanese background living in Melbourne, advocating the abolition of nuclear weapons and the renunciation of war. We have held a peace concert every year since 2005, inviting international and local performing artists. These events attracted a number of Melbournians, and holding a peace concert in August is now our major project, with considerable cooperation and assistance from local community organizations and the Victoria Multicultural Commission.
The 7th annual peace concert will feature acoustic performances from local, indigenous and traditional Japanese musicians, as well as powerful speakers offering the latest information and expert opinion on the abolition of nuclear weapons, and we will also examine the latest Fukushima Nuclear Plant crisis. After 3/11, where do we go from here? How can we shift from nuclear to renewable energy sources? At the conclusion, you will leave feeling inspired and empowered to make change for peace. Proceeds from the concert will go towards survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.



5.30pm on Tuesday 9 August
Venue: Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne (State Library building)
RSVP: fihlvic@gmail.com
Dr Hans Kristensen, a leading nuclear weapons expert with the Federation of American Scientists, and Professor Gareth Evans, previously head of the Global Crisis Group and co-chair of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament. Event co-sponsored by MAPW, ICAN, the Nossal Institute and Japanese for Peace. Prof Evans will speak first, then Dr Kristensen, who will also take questions. Discussion will be followed (around 7.30pm) by Japanese tea hosted by Japanese for Peace. Starts 5.30pm on Tuesday 9 August (Nagasaki Day).

The ICAN team
Sponsoring organisations:
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Medical Association for Prevention of War
Japanese for Peace
Australian Red Cross




Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day

Saturday, August 6 • 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Northbridge Piazza (corner of James and Lake street), Perth WA

66 years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan experienced a new nuclear crisis at Fukushima.

Come and hear the messages of hope and survival and the vision for a nuclear free world on this commemoration day!

1:00 pm Short Speeches
1:30 pm Film Screening “Flashes of Hope”
2:30 pm Origami Making

“Flashes of Hope – Hibakusha Traveling the World”
(Watch trailer here: http://www.un.org/disarmament/education/Movies/flashes_of_hope/)

Directed by Costa Rica’s Erika Bagnarello, the film, “FLASHES OF HOPE: Hibakusha Traveling the World,” captured the voices of 102 victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. The film is about human resilience and the determination of the Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) to deliver a message of hope. The voyage was meant for the atomic bomb survivors to pass along their stories, memories, suffering and hope for the future through interaction with people they met at each stop, such as activists, politicians and ordinary citizens. The Hibakusha tell the world about the tragedies that took place 64 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to protect others–regardless of their nationality–from ever having to experience the same horrors they faced.

The 62-minute documentary filmed the atomic bomb survivors’ four-month global journey aboard the vessel of Japan-based non-governmental organization Peace Boat, which visited a total of 23 ports in 20 countries from Sept. 7, 2008 to Jan. 13, 2009.










Saturday July 30
Hiroshima Never Again
Ban Nuclear Weapons, Troops Home Now, No Uranium Mining!

11am Forum, NSW Teachers Federation
23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, NSW
> Hans Kristensen, Nuclear Weapons Expert (USA)
> Prof. Richard Broinowski, Author, Fact or Fission
> Donna Mulhearn, Peace activist
> Intro by John Hallam, PND UN lobbyist
> Chaired by Radhika Raju, CFMEU
> Performance by Ecopella


2pm Rally and March, Belmore Park (near Central Station)
> Welcome by Aunty Millie Ingram
> Andre Lariviere and Francois Mativet, Sortir Du Nucleaire (France)
> Lee Rhiannon, Greens Senator for NSW
> Dr Wahid Razi, Afghani academic
> Warren Smith, Maritime Union of Australia
> Mrs Tomoko Shiine, 311 Sydney campaign for nuclear free
> Councillor John McInerney, Sydney City Council
> Natalie Wasley, Beyond Nuclear Initiative
> Performance by Soleluna, Rindou (Taiko drum) and Hokkai Soran (dance)

More information: www.hiroshimacommittee.org


Sydney 311 Group, Sydney Uni Climate Action Collective and Beyond Nuclear Initiative present
Sydney’s premiere and ONLY screening of multi-award winning film:

4pm Saturday July 30
Footbridge Theatre, Holme Building, University of Sydney
(near footbridge on Parramatta Road)

Followed by discussion with special guest speaker Mrs Junko Morimoto,
Hiroshima bomb survivor and author of ‘My Hiroshima’.

Entry by suggested donation ($10). All proceeds to Fukushima disaster relief.

New Japanese community group “311 campaign for nuclear free” has joined forces with the Beyond Nuclear Initiative and Sydney University Climate Action Collective to host Sydney’s premiere and only scheduled screening of multi-award winning film “Into Eternity.”

The feature documentary, released in 2009, explores the urgent topic of how to manage high-level radioactive waste that must be contained for at least 100 000 years. It tracks development of the Onkalo (Hiding Place) site in Finland and raises significant philosophical, political and scientific questions regarding engineering for containment of highly dangerous materials over this unimaginable timeframe.

With the Fukushima nuclear crisis still underway and plans for a national radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory advancing, the it brings the debate about uranium mining, nuclear power and radioactive waste management back to the forefront of politics in Australia.

For more information:

Sydney 311 Group: Yukiko Hirano, 0414 758 295, yukikosal@yahoo.co.jp
Beyond Nuclear Initiative: Natalie Wasley, 0429 900 774, natwasley@alec.org.au


Thursday August 4

Fukushima and the global anti nuclear renaissance
7pm Thursday August 4
Brown Street Hall, above Newtown library, just off King Street

Organised by Beyond Nuclear Initiative, Solidarity and Yellowcake Road Collective

Special guest speakers:
* Andre Lariviere and Francois Mativet from Sortir Du Nucleaire (France),
an NGO representing 903 French anti nuclear organisations.
* Alexander Brown, PhD candidate recently returned from Japan

The Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan continues to escalate, with the evacuation zone widening, contamination levels rising and the government admitting three nuclear meltdowns have occurred.The nuclear industry has actively promoted nuclear power as the ‘clean, green’ answer to climate change. Since Fukushima however, the real renaissance has been of the anti nuclear movement worldwide. Join French and Australian activists to discuss Fukushima, the current state of nuclear power and the anti nuclear movement globally.

Contact: Natalie Wasley, 0429 900 774l, natwasley@gmail.com




The Wollongong Anti-Nuclear Group (TWANG) invites you to attend a rally on Hiroshima Day to oppose nuclear weapons, uranium mining and the nuclear industry.

What: Rally for a Nuclear Free Future
Where: Crown St Mall Amphitheatre
When: 10:30a.m. Saturday 6 August

Speakers will include Risa Tokunaga, an anti-nuclear activist from Japan, Arthur Rorris, Secretary of the South Coast Labour Council and Claire Johnson from Students Against War.

The Illawarra Union Singers and David Walsh will perform as part of the event.

Pressing nuclear issues of concern include:
the transport of radioactive waste from Lucas Heights to Port Kembla (and the arrival of possibly radioactive cargo from overseas).
The Federal Government’s proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty Station on Aboriginal Land in the Northern Territory
the demonstrated failure of the nuclear industry to prevent major catastrophes such as Chernobyl and Fukushima
the ongoing support of the Australian Government and the Opposition for the mining and export of uranium
Note on The Wollongong Anti-Nuclear Group (TWANG):
The new Wollongong anti-nuclear group was formed after two visits to Wollongong by some of the Aboriginal tradition owners from Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory and, more recently, a public talk hosted by Students Against War at Wollongong University by long time anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott.
Contact Alexander Brown, alexanandersragtimeband@gmail.com, 0401 262 644 for further information.