The following websites have useful sets of fact-sheets and briefing papers:

Here are links to download Choose Nuclear Free briefing papers (PDF files)

  • Nuclear Power & Weapons − click here
  • Nuclear Power and Climate Change − click here
  • Clean Energy Solutions to Climate Change − click here
  • Nuclear Power & Public Health − click here (Evatt Foundation paper)
  • Radioactive Waste − click here
  • Nuclear Power ‘Renaissance’ − click here (written months before Fukushima; for more recent information visit www.worldnuclearreport.org)
  • Economics − click here (Dr Mark Diesendorf / UNSW)
  • Joint Australian NGO Statement of Opposition to Nuclear Power (Dec 2010) − click here.
  • Sites for Nuclear Reactors in Australia (Australia Institute) − click here
  • Nuclear ‘Safeguards’ – An Illusion of Protection − click here
  • Should Australia Export Uranium to India? − click here

 Unless otherwise indicated, Choose Nuclear Free information written by Jim Green.