The Nationals

There are no updated policy documents relating to uranium prior to the 2013 federal election. See below for the policies taken to the 2010 federal election.

The Nationals − Policy Platform 2010

“We support studies into the use of alternative-based power generation systems including nuclear energy.”

National Party Policy Proposals (2006)

* Continuing the development of Australia’s mineral resources, including the mining and export of uranium under strict safeguards and nuclear non-proliferation controls.
* Supporting the development of a uranium enrichment industry in Australia.
Primary Industries
* Australia’s future development and wealth is heavily dependent on its ability to explore and develop its minerals and energy resources.
* Security of land tenure is of paramount importance to these industries but is faced with the challenge caused by native title, environmental and property rights issues. The Nationals provide long-term policy certainty so the resource industries can plan and invest with confidence.