Australian Greens

Party Platform (2013)


The Greens want to see an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Unlike Labor, the Greens oppose uranium mining. The whole nuclear-fuel chain – from uranium mining to the unresolved problem of nuclear waste – presents unacceptable environmental and security risks and is phenomenally

expensive. Rather than leaving future generations the burden of nuclear waste, we should be giving them truly safe, clean, timely and economic solutions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The future is renewable, not radioactive.

Policy Outline


The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. The world should be free of nuclear weapons and the nuclear fuel chain.
  2. There is a strong link between the mining and export of uranium and nuclear weapons 
  3. The use of nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents or attacks on reactors pose unacceptable risks and 
  4. Future generations must not be burdened with dangerous levels of radioactive waste.
  5. Nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely, economic or practical solution to reducing global 
greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Australia’s reliance on the United States nuclear weapons ‘umbrella’ lends our bases, ports and 
infrastructure to the US nuclear war fighting apparatus, and is in conflict with our national sovereignty.


The Australian Greens want:

  1. A nuclear-free world.
  2. Cessation of Australian uranium mining and export.
  3. Medical support and compensation provided to workers occupationally exposed to radiation.
  4. Compensation for the victims of British nuclear weapons testing in Australia, and rehabilitation 
of nuclear test sites.
  5. Uranium mining companies to be liable for rehabilitation of uranium mining sites and subject to 
enforcement of standards to safely contain and monitor radioactive tailings wastes for at least 
10,000 years.
  6. Closure of Australia’s ports and territorial waters to nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed vessels.
  7. Removal from Australian territory of all facilities which enable deployment of nuclear weapons.
  8. Prohibition of food irradiation and the importation of such food.
  9. Prohibition of the importation and reprocessing of international nuclear waste and fuel rods.
  10. Closure of the OPAL nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights and development of non-reactor 
technologies, such as particle accelerators, for the production of radioisotopes for medical and 
scientific purposes.
  11. Safe, long-term containment of Australia’s existing nuclear waste, stored and monitored above 
ground, in dry storage at or near the site of generation.
  12. The elimination of nuclear weapons through a Nuclear Weapons Convention, nuclear weapon free zones, municipalities and ports.
  13. To cease production and use of depleted uranium weapons.
  14. Prohibition of nuclear power plants and the promotion of safe, ecologically sustainable energy 
  15. Prohibition of government funding of mining, research, development and commercialisation of 
technologies directly related to the enrichment or weaponisation of nuclear material.
  16. Prohibition of the mining and export of thorium.

Peace and Security


The Australian Greens want:

– The elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

– All countries to sign, ratify and implement outstanding international human rights and 
disarmament agreements and strengthened nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

– A United Nations-sponsored international peace conference on global nuclear non-proliferation 
and general nuclear disarmament.

– An end to Australia’s participation in the United States Missile Defence program and a global 
ban on the militarisation of space.