SA Royal Commission

NUCLEAR LOBBY ATTEMPTS TO PUT IT OVER THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC – aided by government, media, and business. Royal Commission on Nuclear Power Special

8th February. South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill announced a Royal Commission into our role in nuclear energy . Call for public comments on Terms of reference. Pro nuclear former governor Kevin Scarce appointed as “independent” head of the inquiry. No mention of what scientists etc might be on the panel.

9th February . Consultations began on the Terms of reference for the Royal Commission. Weatherill touted nuclear power for climate change action, though he said it was not economically viable. The better options, he said were importing and storing radioactive wastes, and uranium enrichment.

16 February. Public comments on the Terms of reference close.

POLITICS. Premier Weatherill’s pro nuclear conversion sides him with Liberals, and against Labor’s national platform. National Labor leader Bill Shorten opposes the Royal commission proposal. But South Australian Labor Senators defy Labor policy. Former Labor P.M. Bob Hawke enthusiastically supports importing nuclear waste into Australia.

MEDIA. Adelaide media, and especially the Adelaide Advertiser are all for South Australia becoming the world’s nuclear waste dump, with uranium enrichment, and fast breeder nuclear reactors.The ABC – a conundrum. Reliable sources tell me that the 7.30 reporters interviewed Conservation Council members, but yet no item appeared on 7.30 report. Othet nAtional media silent about the Royal Commission. Is it being treated as just a South Australian State issue – not a national one?

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